About me

Hello, I am Bogdan. 
I photograph happy people and couples since 2008.
Even though I did my studies in IT, I followed the path of visual art. This flow has taken me to where my passion for photography has become a way of living.

I am passionate about mountains and nature. I easily fall in love with small towns where people have more time to offer to each other, and the community created is closer, more unified. On the other side, I am fascinated about tumultuous cities and all that living in such vibrant cities implies.

I love to travel so I can get inspiration, energy and later on, take advantage of those elements in my own art.
Ever since photography is part of my entity, I have immortalized hundreds of events and I feel extremely lucky to have met so many people and captured the most beautiful and important moments in their lives.

My photographs are about human connection, emotion, and naturalness.
I will be there for you, to photograph your story and capture real images. 
I most likely have the nicest occupation and I feel privileged. At my “job”, everyone is happy and what I have to do is capture this in my images.

I like photographing love and passion, which is why almost all my projects are with, and about people.